Contemplating creating the home of your dreams from scratch? Helping you fulfill your hopes and desires for a new home—whether it’s your main residence or a beach or countryside retreat—is exactly our forté.

You might be thinking of a charming period reproduction home of classical proportions and elegant fixtures and fittings. Or, you may have in mind something absolutely cutting edge, with eye-catching spaces, contours and lines, colours and textures. Alternatively, you may want a very practical family home where young children can play without parents stressing too much, including a good compliment of child-safe spaces and easy cleaning.

It’s all about you

It’s all about you: not average or stereotypical people somewhat like you, but the actual and specific you.

We always seek to deeply understand and to help develop and polish your initial thoughts into something that really works for you.

You might already have some ideas about what you want. If you do, that’s terrific. But we also know from experience that some folks can feel a bit unclear, a bit lost, even a bit all-over-the-place, at the start. We deeply understand that each new home creator comes from their own unique place. A core commitment of ours is always to seek to deeply understand and to help develop and polish your initial thoughts into something that really works for you.

We’ll sit down and talk face to face with you about you. Knowing who you are and how you live—or want to live in your new home—is absolutely critical to not only good design, but to you achieving what your heart truly desires… which may not be what you first thought of. We excel at gently teasing out and getting to the bottom of your circumstances and lifestyle to ensure that what we design does more than just “satisfy” basic and obvious requirements.

It’s not unusual for our gentle exploring and probing to uncover unrealised needs and wants and to adapt and refine your initial impressions for your home’s design. There’s even a modest possibility that you might become one of our many delighted clients who doesn’t end up with what you were expecting at the start; but it will be exactly what excites and energises you once you sign off the design, and that you will simply adore once it’s complete.

Heart, soul and people

We know that your home profoundly affects the way you feel; how enthusiastic you are to arrive back home after a long day; the ways you work, relax and pursue interests and hobbies; how you share the space with close loved ones and more widely with guests, achieving an appropriate balance between community and privacy; the ways that light, space or nature makes your heart sing; the joy that subtle or bold colour, texture and finishes bring to otherwise mundane surfaces and objects; how your new home is in beautiful harmony with a treasured heritage object already on site; keen interests you may steward in environment, conservation and energy ratings; and so on.

We know that your home profoundly affects the way you feel. It’s deeply personal.

Perhaps you want quiet living spaces to read widely and enjoy classical music… even play it. You might entertain a great deal and need a superb open-plan kitchen not only to cook, but to “mingle” with guests while preparing and serving. You may be in need of a large entertainment deck to show off that exquisite garden or incomparable view—or both. Alternatively you might want a large den with all the latest electronic entertainment systems… and appropriate separation from the sleeping areas so both teenagers and adults can “do their thing” without driving each other crazy. You may be keen to incorporate self-sufficiency through water capture and retention, subtly-placed solar panels or even keeping chooks out back. The possibilities are endless and are unique to each family and home.

Your design process with Teo + Perperis is interactive. Our discussions with you lead to “big idea” innovative solutions, which are then polished and honed to meet your unfolding and exact needs as we collaborate about details.

Collaboration that works in the real world

Some folks can amply finance their home-making dreams. For other folks though, dreams might stretch available funds. We know how you feel! There’s no need to stress: we’re experts at knowing where to recommend economies in areas where they’re less critical, so that you can afford something else rather more special elsewhere… a permanent “wow” factor where it matters. Our clients repeatedly tell us we do it so well.

We also know that in all likelihood you lead a hugely busy life. You almost certainly don’t have time to traipse again and again across town and back to look at paint colours, tiles, bench tops, taps, cupboards, sinks, baths, showers, carpet, doors and door fittings, light fittings…and the list goes on and on.

We’re experts at recommending astute economies so that you can afford a ‘wow’ factor where it matters.

Nor, if you’re like most folks, are you likely to have finely-hones skills that ensure “the big design idea” is encapsulated and strengthened rather than weakened or undermined with a hotch-potch of things that each “looked great in its own showroom”.

After thoroughly understanding your brief we do the research on your behalf and recommend an integrated design shortlist of fixtures and finishes for your consideration. On many occasions our client says “that’s perfect!” to the first personalised collection we develop for them, which includes several sub-choices within the collection. But if not, we listen and refine the collection to better suit your needs and tastes. Our clients often appreciate this as one of the most valuable aspects of our professional services.

Another is our commitment to your project after the design is formally complete and handed over. We’re always here to answer ongoing questions, to help sort out little things that almost inevitably crop up with your builder during the complexities of construction and finishing. We feel rewarded when we do our bit to ensure that your experience is as un-traumatic—and your completed home is as close to your (new!) dreams and desires—as possible.

Get going!

Why not contact us today for a free, no-obligation initial discussion about turning your new home dreams into a living-in-it reality that deeply expresses your individuality and passions?