New house — Hampton modernity

Our mature-age clients in Hampton needed to build a new home to last them a long time, including well into retirement. Accommodation of children and grandchildren on frequent visits was paramount, too.

The brief

  • A house to live in for a long time
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Accommodation for visiting children and grandchildren
  • Flexible entertainment areas
  • Modern easy-to-clean kitchen
  • Minimalist bathrooms
  • Allow for elevator installation in the future

The result

With the block facing east, an L-shaped building creates a north-facing private open space, incorporating a pool and large outdoor entertainment area. Clean lines, simple composition, and classical proportions finished in blue stone and aluminum create a minimalist but welcoming facade. The upstairs master bedroom has a large bay window overlooking the street, contrasting the texture and rhythm of downstairs. A high ceiling and extensive glazing in the living room visually connects the inside with outside. Two clever levels of awnings provide just the right amount of shading and protection from the summer sun, with passive solar heating in winter.