Interior design

Interior design is the creative, imaginative and artistic creation of a residential or commercial interior space for aesthetic pleasure, comfort, traffic flow, function and safety. It can encompass the specification of partitions and walls, flooring and ceilings, lighting, furniture, colours, fabrics and graphics to enact an integrated design idea. It includes the discipline of interior decoration, which itself is important to a finished space.

Interior design includes the discipline of interior decoration.

At Teo + Perperis, we pay a great deal of attention to interior proportions and details, as well as circulation patters—right from the initial concept design stage. For example, when we design a room, we consider furniture and ergonomics from the outset. We also often consider texture, colours and comfort at this initial phase.

We partner with you to ensure that the initial ideas express your individuality and meet your needs, and the results of our conversations are refined into a specific interior design (or interior decoration) plan for you.

As a firm with both qualified architecture and interior design principals, Teo + Perperis is uniquely placed to offer you integrated services: where architectural design informs the shape and style of the overall building (or section of it if extensions or renovations), and interior design integrates in an harmonious way so that the selection of furniture, fabrics, wall and floor finishings, light fittings, window furnishings and accessories creates a unique and beautifully-integrated whole.

Indeed, when we are working on a new house plan, a renovation, extension or fit-out, you may elect to engage us for this detailed service so that the final result is a symphony of delight, regardless whether your needs and tastes are old-world charm, efficient functionality, traffic-stopping retail display, cutting edge contemporary living or something else.