Interior design — contemporary and purposeful cabinetry

While some client interior design needs are more complex, some, like this one, are less complex but still require a professional eye to successfully integrate the results with existing surrounds and client tastes.  This crisp and modern community hall conversion required some design to collect and hide (most) of the household’s entertainment system and include a heater to keep the otherwise chilly space cosy in winter.


The community hall home conversion space before interior design

Full cabinetry with warm, polished timbers and stylish modern trims keeps the chills away in winter and the entertainment system out of sight until it’s needed


The outcome

Using the natural warmth of fine timber finishes, plus the smartness of steel and polished marble, an otherwise ‘dead’ space is artfully reinvented as an attractive entertainment feature wall that hides all but the necessaries. It incorporates a modern gas heater, complimenting the whole, to keep the space cosy in winter. The update has allowed the rest of the room to be reconfigured with new furniture for a much more pleasing arrangement to suit the client’s lifestyle.

The brief

  • Utilise an otherwise generally ‘dead’ wall
  • Retain natural light sources
  • Tame the entertainment system
  • Include a gas heater to warm the communal space
  • Styling in keeping with the existing home


High-quality finishes with integrated and harmonious shapes and textures create an atmosphere of modern relaxation