Interior design — from tragic to stunning period design

An absolutely tiny Carlton home presented both its owners and us with an interior design challenge. With just one storey and the bedroom on a mezzanine landing, the cottage already consumed its tiny block of land, preventing sideways expansion. It had been decorated rather badly a long time ago and had become quite the worse for time.


The brief

  • Make the best use of a tiny house
  • Refurbish to an exemplary standard
  • Create a sense of lusciousness and individuality
  • Work to a tight budget…nothing structural

The outcome

With a modest budget, no substantial structural changes were made. The fireplace and adjacent shelving nook were retained as-is but refinished and painted. A vibrant new colour scheme with satin and gloss finishes brightens the small spaces and instils a sense of joy.

On the mezzanine floor, the rich colour and textural themes continue to the bedroom, changing what formerly appeared a cramped space under the roof-line into an intimate and seductive boudoir. A small study area ideal for an Apple computer is conveniently situated at the top of the stairs.

At the rear, downstairs, an inventive palette of contrasting colours adorns cupboard doors in the kitchen, along with new handles and fixtures, changing a drab seventies galley space into a modern theme that remains sympathetic to the more traditionally-decorated areas up front.

Complimentary furnishings, fabrics, furniture and decorating touches complete the transformation throughout.

From this…


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