Not everyone needs a whole new house built from scratch—much as we might like one! Often, a section of a home has become a bit run-down, or needs refurbishment for changed circumstances.

At Teo + Perperis, part of our full-service offering is to help you determine what you really need and want when it comes to modernising your existing home.

You may need an overhaul of a wet area like a kitchen or bathroom, or other areas like the lounge/dining room, study or library. You may be looking to create a new, dedicated entertainment room from an existing, now underutilised area. You may need a major interior conversion for a warehouse, church or other former-purpose building you’ve acquired.

In any case, we deeply explore what it is you want to achieve (which we help tease out because what you first think may not necessarily be the optimal solution) and work collaboratively to help you realise your dreams.


A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular updates or upgrades you can make to your home. The kitchen is such an integral part of home life, as a centre for communal gathering around food, drink, daily life and special occasion. At some stage, you may become aware that your kitchen has become a little old and tired with perhaps worn or damaged bench tops, cupboards or fittings; a bit dysfunctional compared with today’s improved services and amenities.

Teo + Perperis has helped countless clients update their kitchens over the past twenty years. You might want something simple and elegant to a strict budget, a modern interpretation of period charm, or the very latest in appliances and finishes incorporated into a celebratory showpiece. We’ve designed for a very wide range of tastes.

Why not contact us to see what we can do for you? An initial exploratory conversation is free of charge and without obligation.


From heritage to ultra-modern style, from modest to ample available space or from tight budget to a spare-no-expense celebration,
Teo + Perperis partners with you to design a kitchen which expresses your very individual circumstances and desires.


As a very high-use wet area in your home, the bathroom can over years deteriorate and lose its charm…and its functionality. Perhaps despite intense scrubbing, your bathroom never quite looks clean any more: older fixtures and finishes simply can’t match modern ones for durability and easy maintenance. There’s no reason to suffer the indignities of worn-out or damaged fittings and surfaces, nor tragically dated styling that you’d rather your guests never see. Indeed, a modest but insightful reconfiguration of your bathroom might improve its workability for you and your family, too.

Over our twenty years of providing architectural and interior design services to the Victorian community, Teo + Perperis has partnered with a huge number of delighted clients to reinvent a very wide range of bathroom spaces.

Why not contact us to begin exploring the replacement of that old bathroom today? An initial conversation is free of charge and without obligation.


Teo + Perperis can design a bathroom renovation to fit your space and budget. Each renovation design is different and a unique expression of your aspirations.

Other rooms

While kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most popular, you may have in mind an update for some other “dry” area of your home. Perhaps a lounge/dining area needs updating and reconfiguring to make better use of space or adapt to your changing lifestyle. You may need to alter a bedroom layout to accommodate new furniture or the arrival of a new family member. Alternatively, perhaps you’re thinking of repurposing a room as a dedicated study, library or entertainment room.

You may want a new study, library or entertainment room, or to open up and lighten existing dark and compartmentalised spaces.

We’ve found over the years that the reasons folks have for wanting to renovate areas of the house are as varied and individual as the homes and owners themselves. At Teo + Perperis, we listen carefully to your needs and hopes. We explore deeply how you might live your life after renovation, to inform the creative and collaborative process of reaching the very best solution possible. Check out our portfolio examples of transforming a 1980 Camberwell duckling, converting a Carlton tragedy into a triumph, and blending period charm with modern flair.

May we warmly invite you to contact us to discuss your desires and options? An initial exploratory conversation is free of charge and without obligation.


This formerly partitioned and dark space was opened up and connected to the garden via a long panel of glass-filled concertina doors.

Warehouse conversion

If you’ve acquired a warehouse, church, hall, above-retail floor space or other property for conversion into a home or office, our innovative renovation services will help turn your dreams into reality.

An existing “shell” presents an excellent opportunity to apply talent and thought to develop a great solution to your living requirements. It combines the best of cost-reduction—through utilising existing infrastructure—and creativity, to fashion spaces and interior decoration that inspire and reward.

Talk with us today about your needs. The first consultation is on us, and there’s no obligation to you.


Our conversions services blend flair with practicality and attention to getting innovative plans through the approvals process.

This over-shop warehouse conversion in Carlton turned the upstairs space into two apartments on a tight budget for our client. In addition, three car parking spaces were incorporated into the conversion to satisfy town planning requirements.

This elevated warehouse conversion in Fitzroy was specifically designed to create an atmosphere of light and space, taking advantage of rooftop views across the inner suburbs not only via numerous windows but a rooftop terrace.