Renovation – transforming a 1980 duckling

Michael & Cleo

Michael & Cleo

Michael and Cleo had purchased a spacious Camberwell townhouse, but it was sorely in need of modernisation. Closed rooms with numerous doorways, and ugly duckling finishes needed to be transformed into something they would be thrilled to come home to after hectic days at their busy jobs.


The brief

  • Open up the internal areas
  • Larger, much better laid-out kitchen for enteraining
  • Greatly improved use of natural light
  • Better connection between inside and outside
  • Deck for relaxing and entertaining
  • Invest downstairs, modest changes upstairs
  • New harmonious interior design throughout

The result

Downstairs, interior and exterior walls were knocked out to let light in and blend common living spaces. The kitchen was reoriented and completely modernised to take advantage of light to the north with a connection to the substantial new deck outside. An old lounge room gas heater space was refitted and refinished to continue the clean, modern look. New fittings and finishes, plus a carefully-selected colour scheme harmonses throughout. Upstairs, re-oriented and modernised bathrooms provide fresh style and easy cleaning.

The client experience

“There’s the vision, and then there’s the follow-thorugh, the personal touches,” say Michael and Cleo (more here…)