Town houses

As an astute investor you have an appreciation for the current and developing medium density housing market. At Teo + Perperis we too actively monitor the market and have a canny nose for what will capture buyers’ imagination in most locales across Melbourne. We work directly with you to design an overall property style and scope that attracts the intended market at resilient prices, with an eye on construction budget and your desired investment yield.

We work directly with you on design…with an eye on your desired investment yield and time-line.

Indeed, you might even wish to offset the cost of a premium home in the complex for your own family through offering to market other complimentary homes on the parcel. We understand, and can create the blend of private and common facilities to meet your own strategic needs and desires.

From multi-level and dense inner urban dwellings to spacious, single-level and garden-centred luxury town houses in farther flung places, we have the experience to design a complex to meet your needs.



Managing investment returns

Teo + Perperis has been in professional practice for almost twenty years, so we’re also highly experienced with interpreting town planning schemes, which can sometimes seem obtuse and overwhelming to those less accustomed to the opportunities to argue the case for a particular design, and who may be less aware of potential twists and pitfalls.  We are adept at working together with our investor clients and the responsible authorities to strike the appropriate balance between maximising return and minimising the time to successfully achieving a permit, be it through council or VCAT.

If you’re currently stuck for a good builder we would be pleased to make recommendations. We are not builders ourselves and have no pecuniary interests in construction companies.

We make recommendations solely on the basis of our experience with professionals who we have found to deliver quality work, are focused on completing projects on time, and have the flexibility and aptitude to listen to intent and detail along the way. We do not accept commissions or paybacks for recommendations: we believe good business engenders good business.

We would strongly recommend Cheng and his firm to anyone looking for architectural design.
— Sam & Linda Pezzano, developers

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