Town houses — cost-neutral duplex in Hampton

The owner lived in a 1940s bungalow on a standard-sized suburban block. The house required a great deal of maintenance and renovation. As the owner was soon to retire, a different house with low maintenance needs and a smaller garden was necessary.

We conducted a feasibility study on behalf of the client and concluded that he could develop the site with two town houses, with one being sold to help finance the other in which he would live.


The brief

  • Replace old, high-maintenance house with two new ones
  • Comfortable with an eye to budget
  • One town house to be highly attractive at market
  • Smaller garden for lower workload

The result

We designed two townhouses for the block, both with south-facing street frontage and north-facing courtyards to the rear. Both have direct entry from the street, and their entry foyers are lit from first-floor galleries featuring clerestory windows above.

Front sitting rooms adjoin the garages and face onto small side courtyards endowed with Japanese-inspired gardens. The principal living areas are to the north, facing large northern courtyards which also serve as outdoor living areas. High, curved clerestory windows create an atmosphere of light and space.

The client experience

The second unit was sold at market for more than the budgeted sale price, covering our client’s construction costs for both dwellings. Our client achieved a new home specifically designed for him, with very little maintenance requirements, and with additional funds from the sale of the second town house. Read the owner’s comments here…